Night Fluffs — First Update

Part 1

I think I owe an update to everyone who read my previous post about the cats. Everyone I narrated the story to has thought that I was dreaming about the cats when there were none. If you have been following me on Instagram, you already know that the cats are real. For those of you who aren’t — well, the cats are real. I have pictures of them. Even videos! And I have had my friends see them for themselves and they seconded my initial opinion about how cute they are. They have grown up in size pretty quickly to the point that I have to be wary of their sharp teeth.

After the last post, I had been having similar dreams for several days. I watched the kittens play in my dream, still young and small. This is in stark contrast to how quickly they are growing in real life. In the dreams, they hardly aged at all. By now, if you have seen my Instagram, you know they have grown a lot from the first picture that I had posted about a month ago. And then the person from my dream, the one whose eyes I see through in the dreams starts watching me sleeping. I have never seen that person in the dream because it is his eyes I see through and he casts no reflection, no shadow and he never sees any parts of himself with the eyes. I know, impossible, but it’s a dream, right? I freaked out and spent a few sleepless nights whenever I had this dream (which was almost every day). But I have learned to live with it now like an unpleasant smell. The first few times you notice it, it hits your glands like a bullet and it’s hard to breathe. But as you start to encounter it often, it becomes a part of your life and your glands soon start accepting it.

That said, it wasn’t like I didn’t try to get rid of him. The first thing I thought about was to close my curtains all the way. They weren’t exactly blocking anything because of the thin netty ones that are in fashion at the moment, but I thought it will at least give me a sense of security if I knew I had them closed. When this didn’t help, I bought new ones, thick blackout curtains that block everything, even direct sunlight in hopes of blocking my dreams or at least preventing the person in my dream to turn and look inside. But no matter how well I closed them, I always woke up to sunlight seeping through to me from small gaps in the curtain. A gap that I was sure wasn’t there the night before. A gap right where the person, or whoever the hell that thing in my dream was, was supposed to be sitting and watching me from.

During the morning, I started to see the cats much more often. They would hang out almost all the time in my balcony while I was at home. If they were playing or looking for food, I would understand them being around all the time. But more often than not, they would just sit there in the porch, looking around to the lawn facing the balcony, still as a statue. Their movements were always steady and slow, almost like they are looking out for something, trying to hide in plain sight while doing this. I started to feel afraid of their behavior soon and started shooing them away after they had stayed in my porch for a while. I even stopped giving them milk and food altogether knowing that this would only lead to more of their small killings. But better that than having them hang out on my balcony all day.

I couldn’t bring myself to hurt these cats, no matter what they did. After all, they were just hanging out, not causing me any real trouble except the occasional pieces of dead things they left around on the lawn and the balcony. But after a while, I started throwing tiny pebbles at them in a desperate attempt to get them away. They hissed with such grit at this that even a lion would have turned away. After this event, they started to stay a bit away from the balcony, usually hiding in bushes or other objects nearby. I remember one particular day when I felt the weather turn suddenly chilly during noon. I got up to get my coat out when I suddenly started hearing cries of “meow, meow” from the cats. By the time I was back, the cats had returned back to my balcony. One was looking around the lawn and the other was staring inside the house as if trying to find me. I let the cats stay there that day. I was sure they too had sensed something.

After a while, the dreams started getting more and more involved. I was somehow bonding with my stalker, seeing through its eyes for much longer durations. It (by now I knew I was just seeing through some other entity’s eyes and it wasn’t actually me seeing in the dream) started trying to find ways to get in. I could feel a wave of anger in its mind, an urge to get inside and I knew I wouldn’t be safe if it did get in. But I had no control over this entity, whatever it was. I could feel the same chill in the air that I had felt that morning when the cats had cried and had come back to my porch. I knew the cats could sense this thing too. In fact, I knew they were afraid of this thing too. After a while, I noticed the cats in the dream were farther and farther away from the previous days’ dreams. It was always the same scene playing again and again, but the cats were smaller, further away from the entity – and from me. After a while, the cats had completely disappeared from the dream, the fear had overtaken me completely and I started spending sleepless nights again. Seeing with the entity’s green eyes in the dark was taking its toll on me. Its vision was getting clearer and clearer, even as the nights started getting darker.

I longed for the cats to return to the dreams. At least with them in it, the entity spent most of its time watching them and I felt much safer. It was like the cats were keeping him busy, keeping his mind off me and keeping me out of him. Without the cats in my dream, I felt exposed to every little detail of this entity. I feel like I am losing myself into it. I am afraid that if it ever manages to enter my room while I am sleeping, I might never wake up again. I need your help again. Has anyone dealt with something like this before? I know you would say that it is my mind playing games, extrapolating things where there is nothing. Even if someone has suggestions on how to at least get the cats back into my dream, that would be a start.

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